Designer ZO_LOFT

Location Teramo

Anno 2005

Size Diameter: 145 cm; thickness : 40 cm. Max Area coverage (when open) : 340 cm x 145 cm


A new image, a new way to be called and looked to, a shelter, a cart. Using a wheel as a CITY LANGUAGE, we planned a 150cm x ~40cm cart to pass every door and to become a STATUS SYMBOL: as the businessman is the one with the overnight bag; the homeless will be the one with the colored wheel, no more a begger. Based on the ROLLER BEARING TECNOLOGY, Wheelly is made with rubber, aluminium and pressed paper roll- ers to be 100% RECYCLABLE. The internal frame is designed with a sequence of holes to hang a 250 lt cloth bag and daily stuff. Thanks to two folding polyester resin tents the cart become a PROTECTED AND INTIMATE shelter with an insulated sleeping space and a collecting one. Closure is allowed on one side, where a rubber disc painted with logos is connected to the tent, by the structure and on the other side by using the big bag to lock the tent down. LOGOS makes the cart to be less expensive or free and the opportunity TO BRING MESSAGES. Wheelly is designed to COLONIZE AND LIVE ALL URBAN REALITY on its own or connected to other identities to create multible living shelter and unexpected colored allocations.

Research | Honourable Mention MA Prize 2012, Nomination Well Tech Award; Nomination Index Award

Photo credit: ZO_loft architecture & design