CoffeeCup 03

Designer Mattia Bosco

Location Milan, Mattia Bosco LAB

Anno 2012

Materials White clay glazed matt

PIECE UNIQUE – An object can always prolong its life beyond its function and, wearing the same suit, both serve us and take a seat at our table as a friend. To make this possible the object must not be reduced to its mere function as a neutral, walk-on actor. It must, instead, be able to hold the stage once the main reason for its appearance is past, making us forget this and almost turning it into a pretext. It must avoid becoming useless as soon as its use is over. It must show us other, different reasons for occupying the place we have put it in after using it, persuading us not to clear it away or get rid of it. To do this the object must be an amphibian: useful and beautiful, an inseparable utensil and sculpture, able to function and to fascinate. Beauty comes in via the tradesman’s entrance. A set of coffee cups.