Take Me Out

Designer Martial Marquet

Anno 2014-2015

Materials Birch wood, Leather, Glass and LED light

Size various

Take Me Out is a collection of nomadic furniture. Those furniture are echo of our need of our surrounding exploration, natural or urban (cf : urbex) : easily folded and transportable, they suggest an indoor as much as an outdoor use, their esthetic deliberatly brut and the materials that compose them (leather, birch wood) are an invitation to travel, to perigrination and to stage our everyday life.

Take Me Out  is a serie of objects that respond to the same modular and jonction principles : a seat, a side table, and a day bed. The seat, unfolded, inspired by deck chair, it offers a low seating, made of leather, a reading lamp stand over it. Once its folded it becomes a lamp post, the object get thinner and transform itself. The shape of the object is underligned by the leather of the seat enrolled around and attached thanks to some straps and makes it transportable.

Project designed with Ghislain Minaire.