Tagli nel legno

Designer Studiocharlie

Location Studiocharlie

Anno 2012

Materials Deodar cedar

Size cm. ΓΈ 70, h. cm. 25

Cuts in wood. Self-produced cedar wood occasional table. A time for matter, a time for work. A tree trunk shows its own history, the passing of time, the traces of rainy seasons and droughts that leave their mark with natural precision. Working with wood means experiencing a time dimension, that becomes a way of learning. Physical labor is a way to build a relationship with matter, to feel its mass. The accumulating sawdust is the only measure of time, mass, spent energy, whilst the cedar wood fills the space and our thoughts with its scent. The geometry of matter and the geometry of the object. The idea of an object seeks a kinship with the plant and its unique form. The cuts divide the trunk from different angles, revealing hitherto invisible rings. Rings aren’t superficial, they are matter itself, in all its depth. There is a part of the object which cannot be seen: seeking it induces contemplation. The gaze doesn’t stop at the surface, rather it feels and touches what it doesn’t behold. The volume of the object is extracted from the wooden mass and continues to speak of time, labor, matter and form.