Designer ZO_LOFT

Produced by G. Recchia Arredamenti

Anno 2012/2013

Materials wood, fiber, neoprene

Size 80 x 176 h 77 cm

As children, many of us have created a refuge under the home’s table: a secret hiding place where making up stories full of fantasy and fairy characters. Tabhole was born in the wake of this childhood’s habit, as a table designed to increase the versatility of the top and give surplus value to the usually unused intrados of the table. The goal is to create new relationships between “above” and “below” of the table, between the adult world “above” and the world of children “underneath” to let the parents to revive the memories of the past and give children a space around them to live as they wish. Thanks to 5 circular holes (30 and 12 cm in diameter) cutted on the table “special desin bags” are accommodate. While , on one hand, adults can simply use the bags for storing and the holes to pass laptop cables while working at home, on the other hand, under the table, pockets create a colourful microcosm to entertain kids, a landscape built for gravity with puppets and “traps” for magic tricks, where to play or watch the adult’s world from a window opened in the roof of his secret bolt-hole. The puppets are located at the edge of the top to be used to entertain the kids during the “jelly” too. Filling the holes with potted plants or small shrubs there is also a “green” alternative: to use Tabhle to create a small “house undergrowth” where having a picnic all togheter. It is probably remarkable to underline the fact that Tabhole born thanks to the collaboration and interaction of four artisans : a carpenter, a blacksmith, a tailor and an upholsterer. Just the mix of these skills is certainly an additional and precious value to the project.