Designer ildoppiosegno

Produced by Lineoarredo   www.lineoarredo.it

Location ildoppiosegno Studio, Milan

Anno 2013

Materials wood and solid surface

Size variable

5 prototypes available for each dimension

table Pic maxi:  cm 48×53 / h 120, mini:  cm 32×37 / h 75, sun shade: cm 135×115 / h 170

Synthesis of the modern packed breakfast, Pic is a tiny table that you can assembly and plant in a garden or inside a vase on a balcony. The table has two narrow cuts for inserting wine glasses. The structure is made of wood and the upper plane is a detachable dish made of pleasant-touching, lavable and no-scratchable white Hi-Macs® .

The little ethereal sunshade Nic can unexspectedly shelter from sun or rain. Its stick is also in wood and the covering is made of non-woven-fabric with an Hi-Macs® structure.