Musical chair

Designer Mammafotogramma

Location Milan, Mammafotogramma lab

Anno 2013

Materials handcrafted and made ​​of cherry wood

PIECE UNIQUE – Musical Chair is an hybrid project developed by MammaFotogramma Studio, in collaboration with IED Milano and some of its students.
The collaboration starts during an animation workshop, coordinated by the Studio, where the students were introduced to the basics of animation, in particular the stop-motion method.
Musical Chair is a multidisciplinary, creative project that sees the unconventional contamination between animation, design and architecture. The starting point was the creation of a collection of chairs – unique pieces with a special mechanical joint – which come to
life thanks to a design aimed to the structural animation of the elements.
Handcrafted and made ​​of cherry wood from a historic carpentry in Varese closed 15 years ago (Falegnameria Prevosti), during the Fuori Salone 2013 the chairs will be protagonists of a video-animation. The product of this experience will become Ventura Lambrate’s district video theme.