Designer Dunja Weber

Produced by LuxLuxLux

Location Atelier Cécile Feilchenfeldt, Paris

Anno 2012

Materials knit: nylon, lycra, glow; yarn structure: powder coated metal wire

Size Goodlux & Sweetlux Ø 60/ Ø 45 - Superlux & Minilux Ø 50 / Ø 30 - Softlux 45x25 cm

The LUXLUXLUX Lamp Collection consist of a series of lamp shades exploring the possibilities given by the industrial knitting techniques. In fact the knitted piece comes off the machine ready to be comined with the metal wires wich define the general shape. The knit itself becomes structural. The sophisticated use of the contrasting qualities of the knitted nylon and lycra combined with light achieves opacity or transparency where needed to create a series of light and playful lampshades.