Designer ZO_LOFT

Produced by Tulton srl

Location Teramo

Anno 2008

Materials stereolytography or resin

Size knife mm102 x 8 x 15; spoon mm102 x 34 x 14; fork mm102 x 23 x 14

Available prototypes: 1/20 resin; 1/3  stereolytography; ¼ transparent resin. Eat easy, it’s easy Turning your favourite office tool into a common cutlery item…this is called “Din-ink”. A set of pen tops that turns your “writing tool” into a knife, fork and spoon during the lunch break. All tops were designed to be made by sustainable materials, to be 100% recyclable, non toxic and hygienic. Dispensing each set of tops in an easily safe resealable wrapping, the whole set is designed to be environment-friendly. Now your ballpoints just has a good excuse to be chewed : use them for Din-ink!

Awards: 1° prize Macef  International Design Award

Photo credit: Paolo Emilio Bellisario