ciotola 152

Designer Lorenzo Damiani

Produced by Lorenzo Damiani, self production

Anno 2009

Materials murano glass

Size varaible

The collection of bowls 152 is a proposed conversion and disposal of hazardous waste through the reuse of fragments of memory.
The idea was born blowing transparent containers in the shape of bowls in which are placed inside the “cocciami” of Murano which, when properly cleaned, they become an integral part of the project. These deviations from the forms and colors that refer to specific work exclusively handcrafted, according to legislative decree 152/2006 should be treated according to precise procedures and strict because they could release toxic micro-pollutants in the air. With the 152 project these special wastes are placed in the bowl, having an air chamber , can accommodate these materials. Subsequently, the bowl is permanently sealed and the “cocciame” can not, in this way, come into direct contact with the user.