Cantique des cantiques

Designer Sabine Delafon

Produced by Abate Zanetti School

Anno 2011

Materials Glass, formaldehyde

Size 41x41 h 141 cm

A transparent sculpture composed of seven pieces of hand-blown Murano glass, Cantique des Cantiques is the creation of French conceptual artist Sabine Delafon. Inspired by her love of snow globes, Delafon developed these whimsical, water – and formaldehyde – filled towers with the help of Giancarlo Signoretto, the master glassmaker with whom she trained during her residency at Abate Zanetti School of Glass in 2011. The pedestal provides a light source that suffuses the undulating form with a soft glow. Precarious yet stable, fragile yet strong, Cantique des Cantiques is a highly original work and a fine example of what can be achieved when imagination meets craftsmanship.