Designer Lorenzo Damiani

Anno 2013

Materials 24 glass bottles

Size variable

For many years now, before Christmas, my nephew Edoardo and I, design and “produce” an object as a gift to his mother: over the years we designed and produced lamps, boxes, watches and more, always trying to think of elements to build together, without external aid.

I think it is very important let the younger experiment how both beautiful and meaningful is – for those who do, as well as for those who receive it – to think and make a gift with your own hands, than to purchase, easier and faster; this way of making gifts means to give another person the most valuable currency we have: our time. It doesn’t matter, then, if it is not completely finished and of course, the standard must be another; here’s why, every year, I try to communicate this message to Edoardo.

For Christmas 2013 we designed a table by using modular, simply, overturned bottles, glued together so as to create a kind of surface. Twenty four is the number of bottles that composes each table, combinable with other modules to infinity. The so-called “green-bottle” of stained glass characterizes the entire object; another version is finished with a thin layer of colored clay, obtained with the use of composite MF.