Designer ZO_LOFT

Produced by Tanzilli srl, Sora (FR)

Location Sora (FR)

Anno 2009

Materials Aluminium or stainless steel

Size 70 x 32 x 1,5mm

Available prototypes: 1/5 aluminium; 1/100 stainless steel.

A stainless basic tool for an appetizer time with your favourite beer and also a pocket gadget. Made by four 100% recycled beer cans of the same sponsoring brand, it shows off the “Company Care” to the environment and make it recyclable too. Dimensions and materials let 4kans to be light and portable, inoxidizable and strong to broach and taste everywhere, every time. Ready for the next turn?

Photo credit: Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Ilias Fragkakis