MY.PROTOTYPE @ la Triennale di Milano

Milan, October 2013.
MY.PROTOTYPE is the online platform offering a venue in which to discover, learn about and also buy and collect prototypes and unique examples of objects made by the most innovative designers and architects of our time: from emerging designers to great ones.
To date, MY.PROTOTYPE already offers more than a hundred models and prototypes, documented and illustrated through images, videos and technical specifications, and which come from designers’ studios and the archives of companies that have helped write the history of Italian design. Among these are some easily recognisable items, such as the Honeycomb chairs by Alberto Meda and Audrey by Piero Lissoni for Kartell, and others that are totally new: prototypes that never went into production or were simply destined to remain unique, unrepeatable pieces.
The prototypes and models presented on MY.PROTOTYPE are the result of the great modelling skills of specialised craftsmen – as in the case of the fascinating models by Michele De Lucchi made for Riva1920 – cabinetmakers and silversmiths, but also of the most innovative techniques geared to making rapid prototypes based on three-dimensional modelling in use until the arrival of 3D printers and self-production.
The originality of the forms and their uniqueness in the world make these objects perfect examples of their sort, “living” proof of the human propensity towards creation and constitute a constant enrichment of new items and forms in the world of industrial production.
The first obligatory step in the industrial process, prototypes come to light within the framework of specific parameters and market regulations, but at times designers create objects exclusively on the basis of their fantasy. In these cases, we can find creations characterised by the freshness of a utopia outside market rules and functions; objects marked by the future, endowed with a fascinating material remarkableness that is the result of the oscillating dance between happenstance and the exactness sought by the designer.
Prototype: from the Greek proto-typos, first example, first conception, but also first trace. Because prototypes trace out new directions, embarking their creator on an initiatory route through new forms and ingenious technical inventions in a continuous bridge between old and new styles. Prototype also means primitive example, in the sense of perfect archetype from which to derive the evolutions of future objects.
The Prototype embodies the gestation itself of the object; it emanates an aura that is the almost substantial persistence of hundreds of hours of its creator’s stratified work: of that initial vision that becomes reality through a strenuous yet necessary meticulousness.
The launch of MYPROTOTYPE offers an opportunity to reflect on these themes at a round table, the first “PROTO-TALK”, to be held in the Triennale LAB room at 6.30 pm on 8th October. The participants will be Alessandro Alessandri, Michele De Lucchi, Piero Lissoni, Franco Raggi. Modera: Marco Pogliani.
At the Triennale Design Caffè, the conference’s public will subsequently be able to visit the exhibition of extraordinary prototypes by Mattia Bosco. The designer will accompany the public during the visit.
Presentation to the public at 6 pm on 8th October 2013
TRIENNALE LAB, La Triennale, Via Alemagna | Milan | Italy
Entrance: free, subject to availability