February 30th… be inspired!

Kids Design Week
April 14-19/2015
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci


Dear Roberta, thank you for inviting me in your project.
I was convinced by your deadline, February 30th:
Ethereal day, infinite, as magic as Neverland


Giulio Iacchetti


We have brought together 11 designers and put at their disposition 15 portfolios. 15 portfolios that belonged to 15 children, who during a lab, became inventors: they resolved difficult problems – “how can I eat bread and Nutella without dirtying my hands?” – they modified and improved common objects and invented wonderful, nonexistent objects.
Each designer chose a portfolio and took it with them. From the contents, each one found inspiration: in details, in form, in concept, and adapted this into a new object.
Some of the prototypes are made by the designers, others by the master artisans of Slow Wood.
The project, conceived and realized by MY.PROTOTYPE, concludes with the exhibition February 30th… Be inspired! co-produced with Eight Art Project, exhibition design by +R | piuerre.
Through correspondences, notes, designs, ideas, projects and finally the prototypes, this small exhibition retells the experience of all those who were involved: children, designers, and artisans… showing that creativity is maintained in the course of one’s life; something that stems from childhood: the ability to create and recreate the world! The prototypes displayed in the exhibit can be purchased, with a portion of the profit going to the association Casa Magica Onlus, which has voluntary allowed the participation of their children.




11 designers
Federico Angi, Moreno Dalca , Lorenzo Damiani, Francesco Faccin, Odardo Fioravanti, Giulio
Iacchetti, Elia Mangia, Giacomo Moor, Lorenzo Palmeri, Matteo Ragni and Paolo Ulian


15 children
Alen, Andro, Christian, Dario, Diego, Diego, Gabriele, Giorgia, Joshua, Luciano, Lucy, Alvaro, Nicole,
Riccardo and Viola.


Slow Wood’s master artisans
in particular: Ceruti Legno (Giulio Iacchetti’s project), Artelegno Di Bernardo (Giacomo Moor’s
project), Xiloidea + Lo.Sa (Elia Mangia’s project).


MY.PROTOTYPE would like to thank all those who contributed to the realization of this exhibition.
The designers, the children, the artisans.
Camilla Caccia Dominioni and all the volunteers of Casa Magica Onlus, Alessandra Cantarelli for having conceived and led the labs, Marco Parolini and the Slow Wood staff, Niccolò de Brabant for filming, Isabella Martinelli and Luigi Ziliani for hosting in their studio Livello6, Andrea Ragone, Gretchen Seibel for text translation, and Chiara Alessi for having believed in the project and pushed us to realize it.


more info: kidsdesignweek.it