¼ architecture + ¼ product design + ¼ communication + ¼ researching lab.  Founded by Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini, Andrea Cingoli and Francesca Fontana, ZO_loft architecture & design is an architectural and product design practice with operative offices in Italy, France and UK. ZO_loft was born, offering a mobile, sustainable, and flexible architecture, design and urban space. Planning and managing the changement ZO_loft is following its aims by reinventing or hybridizing functions, contaminating or showing an apparent funcional disgregation. Since its founding ZO_loft is networking with national and international partners mixing an ongoing research and experiences, creating new connections for knowledge and innovation on a common research and experimentation about dynamics of contemporary design. Since 2011 ZO_loft architecture & design is joing Cityvision, an innovative Roman based urban lab, with whom they organize and promote workshops, lectures, urban researchs, and events related to contemporary architecture. They also collaborate with Ud’A Faculty of Architecture in Pescara and Quasar Institute – Design University in Rome. Their architectural and product design works had been awarded, exposed and published worldwide.

Selected clients and brand: TFK – The Fragance Kitchen; BITTEN collection; Fred&friends; Decor Craft Inc; BOFFI; MOLESKINE; BIALETTI Industrie Spa; RSE Spa; VERREUM; Quick France; Saatchi&Saatchi; CLAUDIA WUNSCH Communication; QUASAR Design University; LAMIDEA; Innova CCIAA Frosinone; Cantine Zaccagnini; Provincia di Frosinone; DISPENSER agenzia publicitaria; AIDA srl; Pubblievents S.a.s; B4B Spa; Di Donato Spa; BCTech srl; Comitato permanente Carnevale del Liri; Oasi WWF Gole del Sagittario.