Wood-Skin® was developed by a talented team of individuals working together to design and produce a low-budget, no frills, high quality and highly functional product. From the earliest development phase, the team achieved symbiosis, with each individual applying his or her skills towards the design, production and marketing of the product.

The four founding members of this Milan-based team draw from ten years of combined academic and professional skills, character and approach brought by each member, as well as our ability to work together, allows the team to leverage creative power toward practical solutions.

Since Wood-Skin’s inception, the vocation and area of knowledge of each team member has merged seamlessly to produce a well-rounded group, each complimenting the others, and collaborating on the boundaries of our skills when necessary.

Giulio, the team’s creative director, was responsible for the initial research and first application of the Wood-Skin system. He currently leads our research and development department, as well as client communication. His natural enthusiasm and networking skills shape the direction of each project and its potential application in a broader context.

Stefano is an industrial design graduate, with a background in aerospace engineering and extensive professional experience in industrial laser cutting and parametric modeling processes. He is the mind and operative hand behind Wood-Skin® software. He coordinates and supervises our software developers. Stay tuned for the imminent launch of our software’s “Freemium” version.

An architectural graduate, Susanna has consistently found ways to connect ideas and people throughout her diverse professional life. She typically assumes project management roles, coordinating deliverables, overseeing communication and developing marketing material. Her principal duty is to turn our combined connections and abilities into a well-oiled machine.

Lastly, Gianluca is our “material man”. Able to work with, and work out, any material system, Gian uses a range of traditional techniques to create tangible solutions. He contributes to our material research and development department – producing prototypes and tools for Wood-Skin®.