Studiocharlie graphics and design studio was founded in 2002 by Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Scorda and Vittorio Turla. The objects designed by Studiocharlie have a strong graphic aspect: they are drawings in matter and form volumes. Just as drawings on paper use lines and colours, so drawings on a sheet of steel might use laser rays and folds, or on fabric, threads and woven patterns. Steel, wood, wool, rushes, marble, ceramic, lava stone: the fundamental aspect when developing a project is to keep the original idea alive, to restore the same emotion in the finished object as in the creative impulse. The team designs for a number of Italian and international companies such as Atipico, Billiani 1911, Boffi, Designercarpets, Lanificio Leo, Lema, Made a Mano, Mipa, Nemo and Vittorio Bonacina.