Lawrence Lessig defines the remix culture as a participatory creative effort, where the open-source nature of the work promotes more innovation than the read-only culture dominated by the speculative logic of the copyright.
We strongly believe in reMIXing as a collective process where all team members are invited to intervene through the integration, transformation, hybridization of initial ideas with new solutions. In such dynamic context, our MIX of international backgrounds helps us confront and engage different social and spatial models, fostering a new synthesis.reMIX is a young office, born from the experience that the three founding partners have developed during years of academic research and collaborations with various international firms, working on multiple design scales.Our expertise ranges from architecture to landscape and urban design. We move on multiple grounds, analyzing and re-describing their performative logics to shape a politically driven urbanism. The understanding of the territory and its constitutive and constantly evolving metabolic networks and systems of power relations allows us to re-define specific scales of intervention that span between natural/artificial and local/global dichotomies to envision future social assemblages.We propose an eco-sustainable approach, based on new relational paradigms rather than on pure technological experimentation. In order to achieve a systematic control on the energetic functionality and the spatial quality of the built environment we aim for a redefinition and local integration of architecture and landscape that models a synthetic andmodern urban hybrid.