V+T design studio was created in 2008 after the meeting between Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio. A team of creative professionals and ‘conceptual thinkers’ with specific and complementary skills composes the studio. They interact throughout different design processes, such as restructuring, interior, industrial, graphic, exhibition and management design. The studio explores several fields of design, aiming to reach final solutions of strong emotional impact. Particular focus is devoted to integrated communication, in a unique process that includes creativity, passion, technology and strategic thinking. The philosophy of the studio assigns to the concept of “function” the responsibility of defining shapes and structures, in a simple and intuitive way: maintaining a highly artistic approach, open to experimentation and contamination in a mix between experience and innovation. The work of the studio has been published on some of the most important design magazines and during local and international exhibitions. Moreover, the role of curators of exhibitions is to be highlighted, such as “Il Segno dei Designer” (The Sign of Designers) for Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Gianni Veneziano donated those works to Triennale museum, so that they have become part of its permanent collection. In June 2013, another project of Gianni Veneziano, DaySign, was on display at the Triennale Design Museum, and then lent its name to a new TV show. On air from July in prime time on Rai 5, DaySign hosted Luciana and Gianni as outstanding presenters to address art and social issues.