Our mission is to share the culture of design as embodied by the prototype through a website, exhibitions and events to promote talents and prototypes from past and present.

Technical entries, photos, drawings, interviews: discover with us what lies hidden behind the birth of an object.

Do you believe prototypes are unique? Do you want to promote your work? Do it with My.Prototype. Are you a design addict? Share, post and promote images of your favorite prototypes and give them the visibility they deserve!

The first exemplar, the original model, exclusive and unrepeatable is something to be collected, for those, like us, in search of uniqueness.

You can promote yourself, as we promote the world of prototypes. You can explore, we are explorers too. This is our special collection, you can build a collection of your own.



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MY.PROTOTYPE is, first of all, an archive.


There are only few prototypes that Designers would like to sell.


If you are interested, click on the “collect” symbol below the product data sheets and you will be in touch with the designer or his authorised representative.